Pimcore PIM for Multichannel Marketing: How it Helps You Reach Your Audience

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Pimcore PIM for Multichannel Marketing: How it Helps You Reach Your Audience

The rising eCommerce sales in the current market have set new standards for businesses. The massive surge in customer demand has made companies focus on Multichannel marketing and sales tactics. As the sales target continues to evolve rapidly, enterprises are resorting to a variety of tools and software systems to achieve their Multichannel marketing objectives. One such option for efficient multichannel marketing is Pimcore PIM. It is a customisable option for enterprises. The PIM slits through the clutter of tools and software products by quickly publishing product information to numerous channels.

Why Multichannel Marketing?

As customer engagement models continue to evolve, enterprises that want to stay ahead of their competitors must make their marketing efforts Multichannel oriented. Multichannel marketing allows customer engagement through various channels and platforms, maximising the chances of messages being seen and heard. With the increasing use of digital platforms and social media, customers have become more connected and accessible than ever before. 

By using multiple channels such as social media, email, website, mobile apps, and even traditional advertising methods like print and television, businesses can engage their customers more personally, building relationships and creating brand loyalty. Multichannel marketing enables businesses to stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing market, providing the flexibility to adapt to new trends and technologies to connect with customers. A Multichannel marketing approach helps companies increase visibility, connect with customers, and achieve marketing goals.

Why is Pimcore PIM the right option to reach your audience through Multichannel marketing?

1. Personalised Product Experiences

Today’s marketing approach is constantly evolving. It requires optimisation on every customer touchpoint due to unpredictable shopping journeys. Marketers need to distribute and modify the information to tailor it to specific customer segments. It requires consistency and accuracy in information. 

A PIM solution offers a personalised, appealing and connected digital experience. It influences the customer’s decision-making and makes their buying journey even better. It manages all the product information in a centralised place while streamlining the flow of content enabling product data remodelling to suit multiple channels and platforms better. This tailored product content gives your customers a seamless experience across all channels with the choice they want.

2. Run Marketing Campaigns with ease

With constant new product additions in eCommerce marketplaces, access to up-to-date information for product marketing becomes crucial. But with a PIM solution, marketing teams can get top-quality content to carry out their plans for customised and targeted promotion campaigns. PIM gives various customisation options, such as it automates enterprise print publishing by churning out ready-to-print sales & marketing material from brochures to price lists, presentations, and technical documents. 

Moreover, PIM holds various data suppliers, translation tools, and external product content sources, helping enterprises procure updated data for running localised or globalised marketing campaigns smoothly.

3. Marketing Flexibility

PIM improves data governance and enrichment whilst upholding data integrity. As omnichannel customer engagement relies on data integrity, a PIM solution connects numerous organisational structures, siloed business units, and third-party tools and applications. It effectively adapts to modern technologies fostering more engagement, reducing product complaints, enhancing customer satisfaction and opening new gates to newer markets. 

With Multichannel marketing on every channel, from computer screens to social media, smartphones to conversational applications, and marketplaces to augmented reality, enterprises can drive desired results with a tailored PIM solution. Providing immersive product encounters right from the first interaction through the complete buyer’s journey.

4. Advanced collaboration within the business landscape

It is known that executing marketing plans requires collaboration among multiple teams. A marketing campaign requires information and insights from product teams, suppliers, data partners, ERP systems, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Point-of-Sale (POS), external agencies, etc.

Multichannel marketing demands collaborative marketing and sales efforts and is highly dependent on enterprise data. A PIM is a tool that can significantly contribute to decision-making and aligning strategies, as it provides comprehensive information about the enterprise. Helping enhance partnerships and alliances within the enterprise ecosystem for collective and concentrated efforts towards Multichannel marketing.

5. Customer-Centric Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is all about understanding your customers and their buying preferences. It is imperative to deliver content according to the customers’ preferences. Since Multichannel encompasses digital and conventional commerce channels, having the correct information and delivering it to the right audience becomes a challenge. 

A PIM solution can help you overcome these challenges as it creates a pool of product information in one centralised repository as a single source of information for all marketing purposes. PIM unifies data to give a 360-degree view of marketing activities relayed on every outbound channel, improving real-time customer experience and cultivating a strong brand image.

Wrapping up

Multichannel marketing revolves around the customer. The more the customer is aligned with your strategy, the more you gain. A Pimcore PIM solution is valuable for businesses looking to expand their reach in today’s Multichannel commerce landscape. It helps organisations deliver consistent and accurate product data across all channels, increasing customer satisfaction and sales. By integrating a PIM system into the business landscape, companies can focus on what they do best, i.e., creating and selling great products that resonate with the audience.

Enterprises are finding new ways to leverage multichannel marketing to carry out their highly targeted marketing strategies.

If you’re struggling to get the wheels in motion for a multichannel marketing approach. Connect with our experts at Syncrasy Tech and learn how Pimcore PIM can help!

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