Non-profit Cloud

Drive change in society by becoming a connected non-profit organization.

CRM solution tailored for non-profit organizations

The Salesforce Non-profit Cloud is a CRM solution for non-profit organisations that provides a single view of interactions with fundraisers, members, supporters, volunteers, and affiliates. You can build strong relationships with donors and engage with the community. Reach out to the masses who need help, and automate mundane processes that help you focus on the primary cause.

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud Services

Features of Salesforce Non-profit Cloud

Benefits of Salesforce Non-profit Cloud

Raise More Resources
Raise More Resources 

Cultivate the lifelong relationships you need for your organisation’s growth with improved security the support.

complete view
360º View

A comprehensive view of your organisation's associated entities, from clients to volunteers to fundraisers.

Increased productivity
Increased productivity

Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more on your cause, i.e., to help as many people as possible.

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