Master Data Management

A Golden record consolidated with data from multiple sources to streamline business operations.


Struggling with data chaos, inconsistencies, and errors?

Master Data Management allows businesses to streamline operations with automated data governance, data standardisation, semantic consistency, accuracy and accountability. The MDM consolidates multidomain data from disparate sources into a “Golden or Master Record,” allowing organisations to manage data, remove redundancy, reduce errors and enrich data scattered across the organisation with a single version view.

Syncrasy offers end-to-end Master Data Management solutions from consulting to Digital Transformation with continuous MDM operational support. Our technology partners ensure to deliver an MDM system that provides maximum benefits with improved operational efficiency and decision-making for future success.


Our MDM solution features

Benefits of MDM platform

Agile Business Processes
Agile Business Processes

MDM is a single source of truth providing an aggregated view of all business data enabling you to manage a wide array and large volume of data effectively to boost operational efficiency.

Reduced Compliance & Security Risks
Reduced Compliance & Security Risks

Utilise your critical business data to its total capacity with MDM solutions, helping you to eliminate security and compliance risks by simplifying compliance tracking and backing up records.

Reduced Data Silos
Reduced Data Silos

Manage and use data more efficiently by eliminating data silos with access to centralised data, API-driven interface, high data security, and greater control of the data governance framework.

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