Product information management (PIM) solution

A centralised hub of product information integrated with your existing IT landscape.

Seeking a smarter way to centralize and unify your product data?

A Product Information Management solution allows you to centralise all your product data by accumulating information from spreadsheets & other data sources. It provides a unified view of product-related information, enabling you to update, optimise, and enrich product information by ensuring the consistency of information distributed across multiple channels.

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Our PIM solution features

Benefits of Integrating a PIM Solution

Better Customer Engagement
Better Customer Engagement

PIM boosts customer engagement enabling brands to offer a rich and enhanced customer experience by providing the right content to the right audience.

Enhanced Performance
Enhanced Performance

Scale your brand presence globally with improved efficiency & effectiveness of critical business operations by managing your product data and digital assets on a centralised data hub.

Amazing Customer Experience
Amazing Customer Experience

Foster brand loyalty & awareness by cultivating a lasting connection with customers through delivering accurate product information across different channels with captivating customer experiences covering all touchpoints.

Why Do Businesses Need To Implement a PIM Solution


Are you dealing with the complexities of managing a large amount of product information for your business daily? Are you fed up with complicated Excel spreadsheets and messy Dropbox folders? In that case, investing in reliable Product Information Management (PIM) software is the way to go. Want to know why? Working without an adequate PIM platform is like painting a wall with a small paintbrush instead of a large roller. That doesn’t make any sense!

Some people believe that PIM is a fancy marketing tool, but it can benefit various teams in every modern business. It's simply a smarter and more efficient way of working.


Who can benefit from using PIM?

1. E-commerce Team

A powerful PIM platform is key to success in the industry. It enables you to work with product content in a centralized repository, which makes it easier to manage and update.

2. Marketing Team

With advanced PIM solutions, you can benefit from an integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that allows for the organized management of media files.

3. IT Department

SaaS PIM solutions enable you to break down your entire IT infrastructure into smaller microservices, making it easier to manage, enhance, and scale.

PIM And Pimcore

Pimcore is a product information management system that can efficiently integrate and consolidate any type and size of digital data. It is highly compatible with multiple domains and vectors, making it a perfect fit for organizations of any scale and industry.

With its API-driven and service-oriented architecture, it provides seamless and fast connectivity with third-party software like ERP, CRM, and BI.

Being a pioneer in the market, as per Gartner reports Pimcore prioritizes your customers by delivering data from a single source to any output channel. This results in an outstanding product experience across all touchpoints, based on accurate, consistent, and up-to-date data.


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