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Delivering reliable & secure enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for rapid business growth.

Reshape your business operations with improved data security and integrity.

We at Syncrasy excel at providing blockchain solutions to streamline your business operation at scale. Our team of experts offers secure decentralised solutions for various domains and integrates blockchain-based modules into existing software to ensure data integrity with improved security.

Our blockchain solutions enable an efficient and secure approach to business operations by organising, automating, and securing the data flow and helping businesses to overcome the data management concerns that affect business processes.

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What we offer

Leverage agile and flexible digital solutions across experience, data, commerce, and cloud that adapt to changing business requirements.

Why choose us?

We work on a resource-based model ensuring faster, more efficient, and satisfying product delivery, which comes with the following attributes.

Domain Expertise
Domain Expertise

Private Blockchains like R3 Corda, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Fabric, and Quorum are also our forte.

Rich Experience
Rich Experience

We have vast experience working with Public Blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, and DASH.

Robust Security
Robust Security

Our digital asset exchange and crypto wallet is the most secure and trusted for trading and holding cryptocurrencies.

Skilled Professionals
Skilled Professionals

Our team of experienced consultants in Blockchain will help you create a successful model based on data research and industry insights.

Our Portfolio

Tokenisation Of Real-World Assets
SimplyBlock (BaaS)
Decentralised Ride Booking On Hyperledger Fabric
Digital Currency Exchange
Supply Chain Management On Hyperledger Fabric
Standard Protocol For Tokenisation
Decentralised Identity Management On Hyperledger Indy
Salesforce + Blockchain Integration

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