Enhanced Product Information Management in the Automotive Sector Using Pimcore

Enhanced Product Information Management in the Automotive Sector Using Pimcore

Avatacar, with a diverse range of tyres and accessories, needed a robust system to manage its complex product information. The existing data model needed to be more adequate, leading to cluttered information and hindering customer satisfaction. Additionally, migrating from the old system to a new one posed a significant challenge with massive data volumes.

About The Client

Avatacar is a prominent French group that offers a comprehensive range of automobile maintenance products and services. With 860,000 products in stock, Avatacar is a subsidiary of the Massa group, a renowned French Automotive company that specializes in the tyre and automotive maintenance industry. It has over 14,000 trusted professional automotive customers and 1500 certified garages across France. 

The Challenge

  • Inefficient data model: The existing system lacked the flexibility to handle the variety and complexity of product information.
  • Large data handling: Efficiently managing and migrating a large volume of product data was crucial.
  • Un-organized  product information: Inaccurate and unorganized data hampered Product Data Management
  • Migration of data: A large volume of data needed to be migrated from their existing system to the new system. 

The Solution

Syncrasy Tech proposed to implement a fresh data model in Pimcore that was specifically designed to accommodate the needs of tires and accessory inventory offerings. The updated data model provided a structured and organized framework for product information. The solution also streamlined its approval workflow to ensure data accuracy and consistency before publishing. The Pimcore PIM served as a central repository to manage all product data. 

Syncrasy developed the custom scripts to seamlessly migrate data from the old system to Pimcore, minimizing downtime and data loss. 

Additionally, robust data quality checks were implemented to ensure the accuracy and completeness of product information. Calculated fields were created to automatically generate information based on other attribute values, improving data efficiency and reducing manual effort. Finally, comprehensive data validation rules were established to maintain data integrity and prevent errors.

The Result

Avatacar's successful revamp of its product information management system has resulted in a more efficient and effective system. 

This led to improved data accuracy and search functionality, making it easier for customers to find the products they were looking for. As a result, the customer experience was significantly enhanced.

The automated processes and efficient data management saved valuable time and resources, allowing the Client to focus on other aspects of their business. By having a centralized repository for all product data, the Client was able to streamline their operations and reduce the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

In addition to these benefits, the enhanced visibility of product information and search capabilities led to increased sales and revenue for the Client. By providing customers with more accurate and detailed product information, the Client was able to improve their overall sales performance. 

Overall, the solution implemented had a significant impact on the Client's business operations, improving efficiency in Product Data Management and revenue.

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