DAM Implementation for a Multinational Multimedia NGO

DAM Implementation for a Multinational Multimedia NGO

This case study explores how Pimcore DAM (Digital Assets Management) implementation enabled a multinational producer-distributor of religious media resources to effectively manage and distribute a large volume of digital assets exceeding 3 TB. 

About The Client

Our client is a multinational organization dedicated to producing and distributing religious audio, video, and text resources in over 50 languages across the globe. They have an extensive library of digital assets that includes audio, video, and text materials that cater to a diverse population of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. They work with international partners, local churches, and various ministries to provide relevant programming and make mass media available in 190 countries.

The Challenge

The client encountered several challenges in their existing system which hampered the organization's ability to efficiently share its valuable resources with the global community.

  1. Inefficient Content Management System: Inefficient distribution of large amounts of data (more than 3 TB in volume) was time-consuming. Uploading and managing licensed content in various formats for 190 countries was a challenge.
  2. Restricted Access Control: The existing middleware system was a custom-developed solution hosted on Azure. However, the existing system had a major drawback - business users did not have an admin account and were solely dependent on the developers for any changes. This often resulted in delayed time-to-market as any changes required a considerable amount of time to be implemented.
  3. Android Application: The existing application’s UX/UI did not meet business users’ expectations which resulted in a low number of app downloads. The application also required frequent uploading of new versions for changes.

The Solution

Syncrasy Tech proposed to address the client's business challenges by implementing the Pimcore DAM system. This custom-developed system provides a comprehensive solution that allows business users to efficiently upload and categorize digital assets using bulk import or individual entry options. This streamlines the uploading and metadata management process through an intuitive interface. 

Moreover, the new system ensures data security and integrity by having a secure and efficient user and role management that only allows authorized individuals to access specific content and metadata. 

To improve user engagement and simplify content discovery, a custom-built Android app with a modern, multi-lingual UI/UX was developed. This enhanced the user experience and made content more easily accessible ultimately resulting in increased app downloads.

Furthermore, Pimcore's seamless integration with YouTube allows videos to be directly published to the client's YouTube channel from within the platform, saving time and effort.

The Result

The implementation of Pimcore DAM brought significant improvements and boosted productivity across the channels. The custom-developed content management and metadata handling unlocked a noticeable efficiency gain, while empowered business users take control of app and website content, guaranteeing accurate and timely information. 

The revamped mobile app UI/UX received rave reviews, driving up downloads, and direct YouTube publishing slashed manual effort while skyrocketing channel growth, amplifying their message to a wider audience. 

By adopting Pimcore DAM, the client achieved a more efficient and user-friendly content distribution system, allowing them to share their religious media resources more effectively with their global audience. This streamlined approach empowers them to continue fulfilling their mission of spiritual education and inspiration across diverse populations and languages.

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